Strategic Technology Consulting

Most websites fail.  Most web apps fail.

And the reason for their failure often happens well before a single line of code is written.  No one stopped to ask why: what specific goals do we hope to achieve?  What audience do we hope to reach?

Whether you’re launching a data-driven web application, a portfolio of mobile apps, or even an API, the apps that will make the greatest impact will be built by teams that took the time to plan how the asset could be a means to an end: to influence a specific audience, to energize a base of donors or volunteers, to gather data for a larger project.

Web development firms aren’t trained to ask how an application fits your organization’s mission and will affect your operations. Open Organize makes envisioning the fit between your organization and your technology our primary focus.

And we help organizations plan for long-term. While inexpensive web services and technologies create enormous potential for small organizations, they make planning a more complicated and technical task. Where fifteen years ago you were launching your first website, today you may be considering how your API can best integrate with your backend systems and mobile apps.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation, and we’ll discuss the whole picture of where your technology assets are today, and where you’d like to take them tomorrow.

We write technology roadmaps, business plans, needs assessments, and detailed platform specifications.