Food Tank

Food Tank is a start-up non-profit focused on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters.

In late 2012, Food Tank’s founders approached Open Organize with a major challenge.  The start-up was committed to launching a news website covering the global food movement by January 2013.  They needed a website, technology strategy, and small donor strategy in short order.

Open Organize designed and built an Expression Engine news platform for Food Tank that delivered many features associated with high-end, custom-built content management systems (CMS) at a much lower cost.

In addition, Open Organize conceived of a membership program — Food Tank Sustainers — to give readers a sense of ownership and involvement over the website, and maximize revenue from the long tail: the large pool of low-dollar donors that can sustain a non-profit organization.  Food Tank “sustainerships” were designed to be the closing stage of a step-by-step conversion strategy leveraging the start-up’s sizable social media assets.

Within two years of its launch, became a popular online destination for news related to the food movement, raising the founder’s public profile.  And, Food Tank signed up over 2,000 members at over $50 a pop, demonstrating how an integrated technology and membership strategy can impact the bottom line of even the smallest non-profits.

Background photo: Death to the Stock Photo