What does it mean to bring an organizer’s ethic to strategic technology consulting?

Open Organize was founded in 2007 by Tom Adkins, a veteran political organizer, to leverage the use of inexpensive, open source web technologies to help make social change.  In nine years of operation, we’ve never lost sight of our initial inspiration.

What does it mean to bring an organizer’s ethic to strategic technology consulting?  Like our clients, we stay laser focused on making an impact, we believe that empowering others is often the best way to make change, and we get things done.

This ethic is reflected in our strategic consulting services, and our approach to writing software.  We work with APIs and the semantic web because we see these transformative technologies as fundamentally empowering — making essential datasets more useful and inexpensive for communities to use.  Our custom software projects invariably focus on empowering every worker in an organization by giving staff at every level more and better data, helping them to make better decisions.

Technology consulting isn’t simply about writing code and solving isolated problems.  It’s about understanding your organization inside out, how it works, and why it succeeds and sometimes fails.  By taking a holistic approach, we’re able to work with our clients to envision and implement projects that make transformative changes.

In nine years of operation, we have served large NGOs, government agencies, clients in the labor and environmental movements, schools, and several social entrepreneurs.  If our approach sounds like a good fit for your organization, please contact us to set up a free consultation.